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Who We Are

Who We Are


Berkshire Honey Company

Caring and passionate beekeepers, helping our bees make best-in-class honey and multitude of other natural remedies found in in their homes - beehives. We take a modern approach to a 9,000 year old tradition of beekeeping. We strive for quality throughout the entire process, bringing premium organic honey from our beehives to your table. We truly  believe we are doing something special - for our bees and for our customers. Keep scrolling, or get in touch to learn more.


Saša Zelenović

Sasa is a born and raised beekeeper. Growing up in Croatia, Sasa helped his father manage hundreds of beehives each year. Sasa’s favorite pastime is waking up at 6am every day to join his father for morning coffee at a “beekeepers pub” where he learned many beekeeping wisdoms that spanned across multiple generations. Sasa moved to United States at age 16, and shortly after purchased his first beehive. Many years of fun and  experience later, Sasa strives to deliver the best a beehive - most intriguing ecosystem - has to offer.

What We Offer

What We Offer


Raw Honey

Simply raw honey. From our hives in the Berkshires to your table. Scroll down to read why our honey is unique. 


One pack of 12 one-pound jars: $120

Looking for less than 12 jars? Visit one of the local stores listed below!

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Honey Favors

Wedding favors, corporate gifts, etc. Have an idea? We love to get creative. 


Custom. Contact us.

Stack up! Honey never spoils.

Text to order: 413-329-1001

Can't text? Email us:

Why is our honey special?


Every piece of equipment is made in the USA. Every drop of honey is made and extracted from our hives in the Berkshires, Massachusetts. 


Our bees live and forage in New Marlborough in the heart of the Berkshires, year-round, away from pesticides and other unnatural aspects of life.

We extract our honey once a year. Our honey contains early-season Locust, late-season Goldenrod, and everything in between. Dandelion, clover, maple, etc.



Hive to table. Never altered. As simple, as easy, and as serious as that. We keep the “good stuff” like pollen, propolis, and royal jelly in our honey. It all has its benefits, for both our taste buds and health.


We've been beekeeping for many decades, across two generations. We've seen it all -  the good and the bad. Berkshire Honey Company focuses only on the best practices. 


Never heated more than 97 °F. Raw honey crystallizes and lasts thousands of years. Getting it back in its natural shape requires heating. We never heat our honey more than the bees themselves in the hive - 97 °F.


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